New London Oral History Project

ORAL HISTORY PROJECT-01Kelsey Olson is a spitfire and that can be seen by her constant energy and excitement for what she’s passionate about. Things like nature (which is good, since she’s the Naturalist out at Sibley State Park), her friends and family, history and stories.

Kelsey’s idea for a Riverspace Project has been a hit from the start, and she’s been working diligently to make this endeavor a success, just as she does in all things. Her idea was born due to her family’s long history in the area, including her young-at-heart grandfather (he may actually be 95!) and the stories he tells of this community and its history. Kelsey was also inspired by all the many stories she hears of families who have come to Sibley for generations.

image002grandpa is there on the top right!

The New London Oral History project is a celebration of STORY, of the connections among us all with our shared experience in this town and the surrounding area.

So, come to the ArtLuck on Tuesday, June 28th at 6pm at Goat Ridge Brewery. This is a potluck, so bring a dish to pass around along with your stories. What do you remember about New London in years pass? What special memories have you made with family and friends at Sibley State Park? What historical facts have you heard that you want to run by the group? Do you remember the creamery? Do you remember the Village Pantry? The Big Store? Why is that green building jutting out into the Mill Pond like that?

During Tuesday’s ArtLuck, you will be informed about this unique opportunity for the stories of the history of New London and Sibley State Park to be captured for future generations via a totally radical app called StoryCorps. Come and learn how you can share your memories, making it possible for them to be re-heard and remembered forever.

Starting at 6pm, we’ll hear from Kelsey and then while we nosh on Midwestern hot dishes and such, we’ll hear from Ryan Barland, the Minnesota Historical Society Oral History Coordinator, who will teach us how to conduct an oral history interview. You don’t have to become an interviewer to participate, but the option will be up for the taking!

After this initial event there will be several more throughout July. Save the dates that work for you! (Kelsey has been so smart to give us so many options. Don’t miss out!)

kelsey 001

Thank you, Kelsey. We’re so glad you’re here!

Baby Wally with chickens on New London farm

Grandpa Wally on his childhood New London Farm

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