The Pianos Were Painted, and Played!

Awhile back we let you know that Bethany Lacktorin’s Paint-n-Play project was under way. Today, we’re back to tell you that the pianos were painted and then they were paraded, which was such a hoot!

After the parade, votes were made for the favorite piano. This winner will be the main piano moved about town for the spontaneous playing of tunes!


Bethany is now working at choosing upcoming locations for both pianos, which have been resting in portage alley, near the fire sculpture. Tarps were purchased to protect the pianos from rain and ideas are cooking for how to keep the pianos more visible in the spring, summer and fall.

The winner of the piano voting extravaganza was the sun/moon piano, so this means it will be the first one featured around town, moving from location to location for any passerby to stop and play, sing, dance, or just take in the spectacle of a brightly colored piano in their midst.

These pianos, they smile, I swear.

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