Haiku and Brew with Poets Lauren Carlson and Saara Myrene Raappana


Yesterday, at Goat Ridge Brewery, a large gathering of folks both local and not, sat together for a fantastic workshop, and then we all got up to walk around the portage alley area, or anywhere in town we could walk in about fifteen minutes.


Walking while writing Haiku. Filed under “Things that happen in New London.”

We learned about haiku poetry and then we wrote some haiku poetry. Creative people who maybe did not even realize they are creative stood up with their small notebook and read aloud their poetry. They were sent out to experience their walk with all their senses, and to write about it. They did not disappoint. Their words were everything from descriptive to funny to powerful.


I would share with you what those haikus were, but you’re going to have to wait. Some of them are going to become word art around town! In October, you can look for nature and Riverspace-inspired words to appear on the sides of buildings, on pathways or on large stones. (Actual places TBD)

Join us for the next Haiku and Brew event in October at Goat Ridge Brewery! Follow the event and project by liking it on Facebook.

{Select poems will be installed throughout New London as part of the New London Arts Alliance Riverspace project. No experience neccesary. Beginners welcome. Writing materials provided. Beverage purchase optional.}

This project is brought to us by the talents of poet Lauren Carlson with assistance from her friend and poet, Saara Myrene Raappana

Look at their light!


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