Mill Pond Music Trail Dedication & Riverspace Project Celebration!

On September 17th we celebrated the finish of many of the Riverspace Projects (some are still in the works, but we celebrated those as well) and we had the honor of being a part of the Mill Pond Music Trail Dedication.

Because of this event and many more, we have to stop to say this:




To list all the helpers individually would mean accidentally missing someone somewhere and that’s the last thing we want to do. So instead, those of us who have been involved as leaders of the Riverspace Project will say what we’re so grateful for and as you read, you will know who you are...

  • Every single community member who stepped up to take the risk of submitting a proposal for a creative place-making project.
  • The City of New London, for carrying the weight of being the fiscal agent for the project and working closely with us to make sure all individuals, businesses and organizations get paid for their time and talent. Also, thank you, City of New London for leading the project to create a gathering space near the parking lot, complete with a performance stage, coming soon…
  • Every single volunteer who gave a few minutes, hours, days, weeks or months to engaging in these projects with helping hands and creative minds.
  • Goat Ridge Brewing Company, for playing an integral role in so many Riverspace Projects.img_20160807_153758046
  • All of those who have supplied our events with food and drink and the volunteer time to prepare the food and share it with hungry attendees and artists.
  • The New London Community In Action group, for creating and implementing the Mill Pond Music Trail and for the many ways you impact our community for good.img_20160728_185827998
  • Every entertainer who has taken part in adding that extra dose of creativity to the events. img_20160917_183512110_hdr
  • Our artist friends both local and from “the outside”–we appreciate your expertise, your energy and your time.
  • We single out one community member–Daniel Leite–for being a part of many of the projects, keeping his finger on the pulse of every project and keeping us all informed, inspiring many to come out and join in on the fun!
  • Lastly, we thank the Project Leaders, for putting up with the constant flow of the overall project and its inevitable changes and sometimes haphazard ways. The creative process is mighty fluid, and each one of you has shown us your devotion to this community beyond anything we could have imagined. THANK YOU.

If you have not had the pleasure of visiting the Mill Pond Music Trail installations, have at it before the snow flies! It’s unique and inspiring fun for the whole family!




It was a gorgeous night, the sun was shining, the wind settled down and the temps were just perfect. But beyond that, our celebration and dedication event was a success because of the energy of this tiny Minnesota town. To walk around and feel that with you is always a gift.


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