Thank you, Deb!



Deb Mortenson loves movies. She loves this community, and she loves the way that stories, like those told in movies, connect us all. Deb took her experience, extensive knowledge of movies and love for New London and created The New London Roaming Cinema.

In doing so, this local mother and Office Manager, took us on an adventure with a screen and projector, and the good news is, this project will not end after the finish of our Riverspace Grant period.

Deb has plans to continue showing movies both inside and outside, roaming around town and making space for gatherings of the heart and mind! Deb’s work is collaborative and has served our community by engaging movie attendees in educational entertainment followed by meaningful conversations.


After being asked what this project has given her, Deb said that it has been empowering and has shown her that people will rally, show excitement and offer support. She feels honored to have had the chance to share in the Riverspace Project, and that the jury saw the beauty of her idea and said YES. She said she learned that,

“You should step forward…you really can accomplish things if you put the effort forth.”  – Deb

Deb also stated that this project reminded her to be true to a vision and also be able to adapt and work on balance and boundaries.

Despite a weather snafu on the night of the first showing, Deb overcame the obstacles and got the Roaming Cinema underway. She also brought us “Minnesota Stories in a Changing Climate” and welcomed two brilliant women to speak after the film, Jothsna Harris (Education Coordinator) and Katie Siegner (Communications Coordinator) from Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy who asked and took  questions from the audience.


This project engaged many people in our community, including the board of the New London Little Theatre, who hopes to continue a partnership in movie-showing, alongside Deb. There were also many locals who helped by brainstorming ideas and attending the movies. Deb’s daughters were also her sidekicks-always there to help her set up and tear down. Deb also mentioned the Willmar Lakes Area Convention & Visitors Bureau as a great source of support, spreading the word about upcoming movies.

What has this project given our community?

“Movies give us ways to connect with others and another place to commune and enjoy something together….movies help us find like-minded people…and there are so many movies that need re-introducing, so they can stretch people and teach us all something.” – Deb Mortenson

Mark your calendars with the winter 2016 movie schedule!

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